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Heart of Asia..
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1. Do not cause conflict outside of this community. What happens here stays here.
2. Do not advertise for other communities here. You can do that elsewhere
3. Respect each other and what they have to say
4. Don't discriminate in the chance that someone not asian joins.
5. Stay active! Have fun!
6. Don't spam or try and sabotage the community. Or else you will be indefinitley banned and I will hate you fOREVER. :).

that is all! have fun folks

Join this community to erm "mingle" with other asians, to have fun, and to talk about anything! =D! This community was created with serious planning and i intend on it to become a serious community! have fun posting everyone!

lyttostarlite created this community on 1/2/03 =)! enjoy

Heart of Asia Owns All! =D!

Feels just like the middle of Asia..

Join us! It isn't the same without a friend like us. :)

if you have any questions, email the admin: heartofasia_@hotmail.com

To link us, use this:

:) ty