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[kpop] Rain Vol. 5 - Rainism

Rain Vol. 5 - Rainism
RELEASE DATE October 17, 2008
PRE-ORDER: Yesasia Global | Yesasia USA

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Rainism, What’s the meaning of this English coined word?

Rain who is laying aside his overseas activity unfinished for some time has the releasing of his domestic regular 5th album “Rainism” to go.

The title is made by suffix “-ism” called the ideology added to his English name for activity “Rain”.

It is a more advanced coined word that is jumped one grade from its own characteristics,
and is expressed as a even thought.

J.Tune’s official said that Rain directly fixed the title of Rainism, he decided himself the even title with great effort due to the first album after changing livery. “Rainism” stands for “Rain doctrine”, and it can be considerated as the various meanigs about Rain.

Rainism contains his self-conceit in solution.

His social spreading power and position have been taken forward enough for himself to be defined as an ideology. In addition, that may mean he put his true character into the new album.

And that doesn’t have no connection with his vigorous oversease activity as the representative singer of Asia.


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